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This is the story of 20SB


Let us take you back to the early days of the sexy punk rock band known today as 20 Second Bomb. 20 Second Bomb actually started out with Bill and two friends of his Jared and Ben. Who had no clue at all how to play their instruments. So it never really worked out. Then one fateful late winter day. In the dark cold night came a phone call. Who was on the other line Bill pondered? Well, it was no other then Eric Gralham. The soon to be future bass player for 20SB. Eric asked Bill if he wanted to play in a band together. Bill said, "yes" because he needed a new bass player and drummer. So now 20SB started all over again with the first official lineup as Bill-guitar, Eric-bass, and Josh-drums. But Josh was a problem. He could hardly ever practice only wanted to play offspring songs, always wanted to have sex with his girlfriend when we were there and tried to put her in the band for god's sake! And plus the band didn't like him. Josh had to go. He left the band on pretty good terms. We basically said see ya and never saw him again. So now was the turning point in the bands career. They needed a drummer. A good fast, strong, anatomically correct drummer. So they asked their good friend Jared if he knew of anyone who could play punk drums. He suggested Justin Nelles. But sadly Justin was only in our band for a very short time. He went to play bass with our friend Trevor's band, but never played bass in the band. Instead Justin and Trevor ended up forming Empty Promise with Justin on drums. But that's a hoarse of a different color. Anyway, it was back to the endless nights of song writing and searching for a drummer. This was a period of time when Eric and Bill would practice together write songs they thought were really cool, but turned out to suck in the future. Then one day a friend of Eric's name Charlie (bass player of Empty Promise) told us about a boy, not just any boy but a boy name Gabe (Geighbe) Reault. Charlie told us he was a great punk drummer. Turned out he had no clue about punk and only played jazz beats. We were screwed. So we trained Gabe. We tried to make him a great punk drummer. He had a lot of recording equipment that was his father's so we decided to make a demo (which does not exist) to help Gabe out and figure out how to drum to it better so they wouldn't all sound like dance beats. But one of us had some crazy ass idea to sell this demo to kids and give them away for free when we should have been burning them. But none of this happened cuz there is no such demo and for those of you who have it. Beware. Finnaly 20SB started playing shows. Gabe was developing his skills. In the winter we took a long break to record some stuff to make an mp3 page and start writing new songs and actually becoming good. Well by January of 2002 we were ready to rock. In fact we rocked everyone's socks off. Ever since then we have been playing a lot of shows in and around the area. We have played with the likes of bands such as The Imports, Woke Up Falling, Sweatergirl, and more. Soon we will be releasing a new CD that will actually be quality made. We have tons of shows and we enjoy every bit of it. Yes, it took a while for 20SB to get out of the toilet and onto the bathroom floor. But you know what? We will not be flushed. Peace,love,unity, and checkers. Your pals,
20 Second bomb

twenty second bomb