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about the designer!

Hey guys, Yah I am Kensie and this is my corner. Don't ask why I am on here,
I'm not in the band and I certainly do not serve any importance, well I do
attempt to help with CDs and art but I'm sometimes rejected....but anyway I
do make the flyers well most of them ( yes the jesus one was mine) Bill is
my hot and sexy boyfriend of almost 10 months. I try to keep him in line. I
do not succeed. My favorite bands are Alkaline Trio, Smashing Pumpkins (they don't fit here but errm), Saves the Day, The Distillers, Unwritten Law,
Radiohead, Hot Water Music, Rival Schools, The (international) noise
conspiracy, along with Refused,The ataris, Good Charlotte, Thursday, Digger,
At the drive-in, Weezer,The Start, AFI, Nirvana, A new found Glory, RATM,
Garbage, Veruca Salt, Sleater Kinney, (sp??) Yah I'm a Riot Grrrl you can
say, I am really into the Grrrl punk scene, although I am not a feminist, I
really don't have a say on that topic, I write and I design the HPRX, its a
newspaper written by teens for teens, its a branch off of the highplains
reader.Oh I really hate Courtney Love, she killed Kurt Cobain, but Kasie likes CUNTney love so now ill get hell for putting that in here, HI KASIE! I'm 15, I'll be 16 on April 19th so tell me happy birthday, The whole Cartoon Riot Grrrls thing is basically a joke, I can't sing, Kasie can't play guitar, she has one, but she doesn't know anything on it.... and for me, I still have my acoustic, but I gave Billy my Electric, cuz I just gave up on that, I learned some songs, I could play all the chords, I just don't have rhythm or anything like that so the song
sounds totally different. I'm really into drawing and art, I'm desperate for
people to ask me to do shit for them for junk, like logos, flyers or CDs I
don't care I just am desperate, I have no musical talent like a lot of you
so I need do art and thats all I do. I really like how My Bio is bigger than
20SBs but it should be ok, check back later when I have more stuff to say,
and if you're interested in those crazy weblog things my name is
SMASHEDxxPUMPKIN, that is also my screen name, and my Email address is so if you would like to have anything published in the
HPRX or are interested in advertising just email me and I'll help you out,