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Do you want to know more about these 3 studs? well here you go!

Looking You In Your Ugly Face

NAME: Billy Rohla

DOB: 11/29/85
INSTRUMENT: Guitar, vox
SEXUAL STATUS: A hot, sexy girlfriend
OCCUPATION: I work part time at Culver's for extra
cash, because Im poor. How sauve.
FAVORTIE BAND(S): Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, Jets To Brazil, Hot Water Music, Dinosaur Jr, Engine 88, Nirvana, Digger, Lawrence Arms, d.b.s., Modest Mouse, The Cure, The Dismemberment Plan,Sunny Day Real Estate, Bad Astronaut, French Toast, Wolf Colonel, and much more
FAVORITE ALBUM: Jawbreaker "Dear You"
HOBBIES: Hanging out with folks, attempting to snowboard and skateboard (not very often) attending shows etc.
FAVORITE BOOK(S): Geek Love by Katherine Dunn
FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): The Simpsons, Futurama, Conan O'Brian, and The Critic. I also enjoy anything on the History Channel.
PETS: 2 cats, a ferret and a dog ironically named
McKensie (RIP)
EQUIPMENT:  Epiphone Elite Gibson Les Paul Standard w/ some kind of Peavy amp.

He Will Rock You

NAME: Geighb "Skid" Rheault

DOB: March 16, 1986



SEXUAL STATUS:I wish i had some?

OCCUPATION:lazy son of a bitch

FAVORTIE BAND(S):Flogging Molly,Strike Anywhere,
F-Minus, Boysetsfire, Hot Water Music,
Alkaline Trio,Propagandhi, Devo, Selby tigers, Bikini Kill, the B52's

FAVORITE ALBUM: Hot Water Music "live at the hard back"

HOBBIES:Playing drums, skating, jumping off shit, getting crushes on girls that dont like me

FAVORITE BOOK(S):Lots, way way to many to name, favorite authors=Steven King, Jeff Ot, Norm Chomskey, Jello Biafra

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S):The daily show, and maury

PETS:2 devil cats

EQUIPMENT: Rogers Drums (that company dosent exist anymore)

Beautiful Red Eyes

NAME: Eric "E-Rock" Graalum

DOB: 11/15/85

LOCATION: Armpit of the world: Fargo...or Pennsaylvania?

INSTRUMENT: I play bass and try to sing

SEXUAL STATUS: sorry ladies... this meat isnt for sale

OCCUPATION: Student at the South High School / grocery bagger at Hornbacher's Southgate (on 32nd)

FAVORITE BAND(S): Jawbreaker, Jets To Brazil, Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms, Tuesday, the Honor System, Boy Sets Fire, Green Day, Weezer, Bad Astronaut, Cursive and many more. I'm also into jazz...

FAVORITE ALBUM: "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" - Jets To Brazil

HOBBIES: Shows, music, hanging out, tv, movies, anything basically.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Friends and anything on Adult Swim and Conan

PETS: An old fatty of a cat

EQUIPMENTHamer Bass and a big peavy amp (waste of money). i'll hopefully soon replace the amp, for i have loads of money from my job.

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