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June 28th
Well this is Eric.  It's been a while since I've done a news update, so I figured I'd distract Bill with some fruit snacks while I mess with the site.  We just played a show with Swingset Hands (from Buffalo, NY) at the All Star Bowl.  'Twas a successful show.  All the bands who played (Empty Promise, To Kiss A Spy, Necktie Suicide, Swingset Hands, and If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die) did very very well, and I'd like to thank them for playing with us.
Our CD is nearly complete, and will definitely be on sale at the next show we play.  9 superb tracks of pure ROCK!!  We also just made a few minor changes on this site, to touch it up a bit.  Finally, make sure to listen to the DAM 104.7 FM on Sunday night from 8-10pm.  We'll be appearing on the Boneyard at about 9pm and they'll play some songs off the CD and interview us and all that stuff.  We're pretty excited about it, so try to check that out.  The next day we're traveling to New York City to perform on TRL.  Just kidding.
June 14th
We finished it! The recording is all done, now we just have to wait for it to be mixed. It should be ready soon. Let me tell you, recording is a pain in the ass. Yesterday, we spent 8 hours, in their recording and today we laid down the last of the guitar and the vocal tracks.We put a lot of hard work into this cd, and it should show. Plus Charlie has done an excellent job in making it sound awesome. When it is mixed and we get the final copy in our hands, it should be really good is all I can say. Excpect it to be out at the end of the month. We are also going to be coming out with some new t-shirts and stickers. They have this cool freaky cat on them and shit. More updates to come soon.
June 10th
Today was the first day recording our new cd with Charlie Gokey manning the board. It should turn out pretty good. We are thinking of putting 12 songs on there. Mostly new and a few older ones. It should be pretty good. So far today we recorded drum tracks for 3 songs and also recorded guitar and vocals for 2 songs. We spent almost a good 5 hours on those 3 songs alone. We are being anal retentive bastards when it comes to making this cd. Charlie is also helping us a lot and is coming up with some awesome ideas to make it sound better. So far it is sounding killer. I dont think enough people use that word. killer. We will be working on this album through June 18th so we are spending a lot of time on it. It should turn out really good. Later kids.
May 27th
Hey, its been a little over a month since I last updated. But heres whats going on. Aside from murdering ninjas and being pirates we've had some stuff go on. The show with Woke Up Falling and Brian Jones on the 24th was awesome. Thanks to everyone who showed up and showed their support. Those guys are always fun when they come, and Brian Jones just amazed me. Wow. Anyway, work for the DVD from the Fargo Winter Carnival is going underway. They chose the song "Follow The Leader" because it was the one with the best recording quality basically. The cool part is we get to make a video for it I guess. Not like some produced MTV video shit. But Mike the guy who ran the show and is doing the DVD just records us with a digital video camera and we can do whatever we want. We guarentee you it will be kick ass. So pick the DVD up when it comes out. Im not sure how much the price will be, but it shouldnt run much. Keep an eye out for that. Anyway, keep coming back for updates on shows and such. Today is Taco Tuesday. Enjoy.
April 18th
Wow, I havent updated in a long time. But heres the scoop. twenty second bomb hasnt played a show in over a month, and is currently working on new songs and wants to get started on recording soon. We do however have 2 shows coming up in May you should all deffinatly check out. Go to the Shows page to read more. We also have some in June, as well. But the ones in May you dont want to miss. I would have to say I enjoy how we are sounding these days, and I like the direction our music is heading in. I dont have any witty funny comments to say, except drop out of school and do drugs. Wait...yeah thats right. Aidos.
March 4th
Thanks everybody for coming out to our last couple of shows. They went really. We have some pictures up from the Fargo Theatre one and we will also be having some pictures from our latest show at the VFW up soon as well, thanks to the lovely Kensie Wallner who has been taking pictures for basically all our shows. Check out her website at She also has some pictures of Invividly up on Invividly's website Go there. Their website is much better than ours. Also check out some pics she took for The Alkaline Trio over at She also makes flyers us and etc. She does a lot for our band and dosen't get thanked enough. Anyway, we are planning on getting a nice brand new website, the problem is I am having a lot of trouble making mine. So if anybody would like to offer help please e-mail me at Any help will be appreciated. If all else fails, I guess I'll go with a local website company to do it. Later kids.
January 22nd
Well, its finally the new year everybody. Some resalutions made by the band where to start kicking ass and take fewer names. Anyway, we have a big show coming up that everybody should go to. It is the 1st Annual Fargo Winter Carnival 2003 at the Fargo Theatre! Yes! This will be a great event it has over 18 bands including yours truly. Also, indie films, independant art, and a drag show! And it lasts from noon to midnight! Insane!! You can't ask for more than this! You seriously can't! Research shows that its physically and mentally impossible! All this can be yours on February 8th for a mear $8 or $5 with a costume or three canned foods. To learn more check out the Shows page or go to Be sure to be there early though, because twenty second bomb will be playing at 1 pm. But also remember to stick around for the rest of the show. So don't complain that you're bored that day and then don't come to the show. Or else you're a huge fuckface! Get it? Good! Also keep checking back here for more updates and we have more shows coming up this month and in February. So keep your eyes peeled. Later kiddies.
 December 24th
Merry Christmas everybody! I hope your holiday season is going well. Mine sure is. I have finished my gift wrapping and I am ready for the festivities. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and all the other bands at Playmakers on the 21st. That was a kick ass show and your money is going to help fund the old Fargo Cinema Grill as a new all ages venue. Not only a venue, but they are also going to build a recording studio in there for bands to use. How fucking shweet, is that! Also someone got the 21st show recorded on video and audio so that will be cool to see and hear as well. We also have tons of pics from the show that we are going to put up here shortly so keep checking back at the Pictures page for those. I would like to say thank you to everyone again. Also a big thanks to Kensie, for the show and all the other stuff she has done for me. Have a good and happy holiday folks. Peace.
Decemeber 17th-
Its been a while since our last update. So I'll just get everyone caught up on things. The last two shows we played went good. The one we played on Friday was extremely kick ass. All the bands and the crowd was great. The one on Saturday was ok, but people in the band where sorta pissed off and in bad moods so we played ok, but it didnt go as smoothly and nearly as fun as Friday, but oh well. Thats fixed now. So its already the Holidays now how would you all like to go see a concert with yours truly? Sure you would. We have a big show this Saturday, Decemeber 21st at the Playmakers Pavilion here in Fargo. So many great bands have graced this stage Fugazi, Billy Idol, Less Than Jake, H20, and The comedic stylings of Dustin Diamond (aka Screech Powers) and also a lot of shitty ones like Insane Clown Posse I swear plays there every month. Anyway, for more info on the show cuz I'm lazy go to the Shows page. This is a big show though, cuz if enough of you guys come we will get another all ages venue in town. Wouldn't that be sweet? Yes, it would. The Fargo Cinema Grill will be turned into something useful. I've basically done all my holiday shopping, but I still have some loose ends to tie up. The mall and the stores are too fuckin' busy and traffic sucks. Expect 20 Second Bomb to rock your holiday. Wow, that was really lame. Sometimes I amaze myself at my lameness.
November 16th-
Happy belated birthday Eric!!! Good times are being had by all. Well, I recently discoverd something. We 20 Second Bomb are a pop band (I'm being dead serious too) and so are all the rest of you guys out there. Unless your some hardcore shit (just don't hurt me). So let us accept the fact that we write pop songs. I hope this dosen't hurt our fan base...Anyway, keep checking back for show dates and other updates. Plus 20 Second Bomb will be heading into record soon...everybody watch out! P. S. Write us letters.
November 5th-
Hey, it's election day. Anyone remember to vote for me as sex god of the universe? I'm gunna make this really quick we have a bunch of new, recent pictures up so go check them out! Also keep checking the Shows page for more upcoming shows that are happening. Bye for now.
October 29, 2002
This is Eric. I decided that I want to do a news update. I tied up Bill and locked him in my basement. Rocktober is almost over, and it turned out to not be too rockin' at all, at least in terms of this band. We're trying to learn some new tunes, because I'm sure people are getting tired of the same ol' song and dance every show. Rockvember is coming up, and it should be a very good month for us. For one thing, Bill and I both have birthdays! I'm probably going to have a basement show at my house on my birthday, but before you make plans to be there, I can't have a lot of people over and my parents will be there and all that, so it'll probably turn out that you can only come if you're invited or something lame like that. Oh well. Empty Promise, us, and 7th Avenue will probably play. In other news, apparently we're going to be on some compilation that'll be released in Asia or something? I don't know much about it, because people always just talk to Bill about these things. But hey, it sounds really cool. And the newest Last Flame Compilation will released sometime either late winter or early spring. The name might be changed on it, and we'll sorta let you know what's up as soon as we know. Check out the shows section to get more details on upcoming shows, and take care of yourselves. (p.s. right now we're more than willing to do shows if you're setting any up, but all 3 of us have jobs so let us know in advance.)


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